It’s no easy task to build let alone maintain a database of contacts for your fundraising efforts. With over five years of experience in social media marketing and non-profit database management I have the know-how to help you grow your social media presence and build a donor database out of your fans.

As your fellow writer I understand the want and need to monetize your work. Being a successful Creator isn’t just about creating—it is building your business. Crowdfunding your work is one of many ways you can diversify your income but takes a lot more upfront work than you may think. Being certified in Raiser’s Edge Fundamentals and with several years of experience processing donations in the millions, I can help you understand the basics of gift processing and donor database management to properly organize your crowdfunding project.

Basics of fundraising: Patreon for Writers

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Servant of the Lesser Good – A Feyrlands Novel

Epic fantasy author Shaun Paul Stevens returns to the Feyrlands through the eyes of Mist, one of the main characters from Nether Light, in this short but fast-paced prequel book. This short novel focuses on Mist, a shadowy character who is directed to assassinate the High Mistress Talia, a beautiful but talented harpist set to…

Do’s and Don’t of Fundraising for Writers

Why this is important Much of what I have to say is common sense, but when we as writers are so excited about books it is easy to forget these three simple rules. In this blog post I’m going to talk about three things you need to remember during your ongoing fundraising efforts: practice transparency,…