The Hymns of Creation

Over a thousand years ago three people rose from a silent world to sacrifice themselves for Paean, the musical magic. It binds humanity to the Composer above, and people to one another. It permeates the lowliest pebble, to the farthest star in the heavens, and into the deepest, darkest corners of the human soul.

When Trisha Clearwater, the most skilled user of Paean on this side of the world, is found murdered on her wedding night, her husband finds himself framed for her murder. Determined to discover why Trenton Evensong launches himself into a quest to discover the truth and brings together an unlikely group of people as a conspiracy spanning generations looms over the Leonese Empire. Some seek to understand the divine. Others embrace it. And still, others seek to destroy it.

Attuned to the universal tune sprung forth from the single Hymn of Creation that engendered a spiritual connection all the Spheres of Creation, a world on the cusp of an age of enlightenment must face the impending realization that free will may not exist. For the only way to move forward is to is to face the crimes of humanity’s ancestors, and explore the unknown.


Preview coming soon!

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